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Don't Think I'll Sleep Tonight

This song is by Aaron McMullan.

The music here depresses me, the singing's much too good

Lets go dancing to some song held up by rope and stuck with gum

Some song that's sung cause there's no choice, it's either that or suicide

It's either clenching hold a pen or clenching hold a loaded gun

I can't watch no more, these pretty girls they know his every line

And genuflect as he shuts eyes and holds his breath, and pregnant pause

And what the hell's he got that I can't steal and claim as mine

And she leans 'gaist my ear and whispers "meet me by the broken bathroom door"

And oh, don't think I'll sleep tonight, don't think I slept in weeks

Just memories of some time spent holding on beneath the sheet

And she there smiling up at me

This ghost that came and then I came and then she dressed and smiled and left

I tried to write a song for you, just couple hours ago

But every note just sounded hollow, every word just limped and died

And I got angry and frustrated, tore the paper, snapped the pen,

And it was raining, pissin, lashin, and I was sittin' on the bench outside

The spray-paint sign, the boarded window, letterbox nailed shut

And three taps lightly on the wood and leave with pocketful of genocide

I saw a man get beat to death here once, you'd think I'd run, but no,

My feet embraced the wet concrete and I just stood there as they pierced his side

And oh, don't think I'll sleep tonight, had a dream this afternoon

Just daydreams of the train that I would catch if I thought

Maybe you'd be waitin at the end,

And kiss my cheek and I'd feel safe

First time I met with Jesus it was here, just by the river,

He sat down with me for couple hours, and I drank water, he drank wine

And no I don't believe he said a word, or passed remark,

Till he pulled up his robe around him, said "We'll do this shit again sometime"

And standing by the bathroom door, the one that got kicked in

I see her walk from out the shadows, see her eyes pierce from the shade

And I do believe the music died some time ago, but I

I just took hold her hand regardless, and I danced with sweet Sinéad

And oh, her smile can cut me deep, far deeper than I'd tell

These spirits I can taste them, runnin' rings around my tongue,

My breath, it staggers outta me,

She takes my hand and says there ain't no reason for to cry

Take me,

Take me home, to your home,

Your floor,

Let me sleep on your floor,

Let me hear the sound you make when you wake,

Hung-over and wondrin' who I am

Let me explain myself to you,

And I'll apologise to you,

And then you'll smile and say "You stupid cunt I get you every time"

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