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Broke Sun Fixed

This song is by Aaron McMullan.

Think it best if I quit singin' songs I know you don't wanna hear

And songs that it pains me to write

And words draw blood

But it's ok, yeah I feel great

And in a dream you were an opiate

Think these lines been bendin' you wi guilt

Guilt that you can't tolerate

Till resentments all you feel for me

An no, it's all ok, an I feel fine

And in dreams you let me hold you sometimes

This morning sleepin', in dreams I'm wishin'

That the bed might swallow me - and the broken sun

Burnin', I'm wakin', the night was fixin'

To bathe the sky in pristine moonlight waters

An in visions I saw Dublin weep in awe of you

Like I still weep in awe of you

Jonathan came home on Thursday night, he'd spent six months with the Lord

Learnin' all bout how the love he had cut Jesus to the bone

And now he sees

That a dream is all he wants to be

Spent my birthday talking to a hooker, yeah she helped me write this song

Outside a city-centre bar

An' neon dancing in the cracks beneath our feet

An' a ten-quid kiss off Donegal Street

Someone was whistling a song found shivering

Wrapped up in blankets, left abandoned by a burnt-out factory

A song written for you, another lovelorn verse or two

Alive wi' screamin' longing, an your smile as towerin' effigy

Ahead and to each side a me

And God in every purple whisper

And still sat watchin' the TV glowin'

Pulsing from cracks inside the walls, an you were bleeding from this wound

I've had since early spring, when first I saw how everything

Was stitched from strands of savage purple light

And yeah, the world held up on strings

Manipulated by the hands I hold when sleep can find me

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