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I Can't Live Without Your Love

This song is by Aaron Lines and appears on the album Living Out Loud (2003).

Baby how's we wind up,
this far apart?
Using words as weapons.
Like daggers to our hearts.
This stand off of indifference,
isn't solving anything.
But baby I've been thinking,
But would I stand to loose?
I can live without being right.

So if I have to choose...


I can't live without your love!
I can't live without your touch!
The pride I stand to gain,
isn't worth the pain.
I can't face another day!
And I don't care who's to blame.
If this is what it takes,
I'll be the one to break!
I'm not giving up.

I can't live without your foot steps down the hallway.
The strength you have with in.
How much you say in silence
You're breath upon my skin.
Don't know who I am with out you.
Just like the very air I breathe.


I can't live without your love!

As we sit here in the quiet,
there's a pounding in my head.
I feel the weight of a thousand angry words between us.
The bitter things we've said.

So I'm reaching out to you tonight.
yeah I don't care who's wrong,
and baby I don't care who's right.
we've come too far to let this slip away now.
I'm askin you
I'm tellin you
I'm beggin you!

(Chrous x2)

I can't live without your love.

I can't live without your love.

I need you baby.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah.

I can't live. cmon baby. cmon baby.

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