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Tell Me How To Make You Smile

This song is by Aaron Carter and appears on the album Aaron Carter (1998).

Original video
I remember the day we met
Almost a fairy tale
Kinda like Romeo and Juliet
I'm never gonna forget

Now my knees went weak
When you said hi
And then you held my hand
And looked me in the eyes
I almost died
Deep inside

There's so much love
That I don't understand
That I'll never learn myself
I want to do what you want me to do
I want you and no one else

Tell me how to make you smile
Tell me how te love you baby girl
I want you to tell me how how
Tell me how to make you smile
Tell me how to make you smile

I heard about how wonderful love can be
But in my mind
I never could of dreamed
Such a fantasy
Maybe it's destiny

To share myself with you in a special way
I'm not a little boy, I'm never gonna leave you
And I'm gonna say
Everything is okay

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