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The Sexiest Man on Earth (2004)Edit

  1. Theme from The Sexiest Man on Earth
  2. The Artichoke Song
  3. Keep God out of Canada
  4. Allusion to an Illusion of an Allusion
  5. This House is Haunted
  6. Not The End
  7. Answers
  8. Melodrama
  9. Love Fix
  10. Boss Battle
  11. The Material World
  12. Ten Pounds of Love

Bonus TracksEdit

  1. Not The End (Part II) (Remixed by Cex)
  2. Melodrama (Melophobic Mix) (Remixed by Lemon Demon)
  3. Aaron's Four Minutes of Happy Fun (Remixed by B0B Barker)

Other SongsEdit


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