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​Summer Storms

This song is by Aaaaargh! Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow and appears on the album Elliptic White Square (2001).

" We knew not how full it was to walk a mountain"

Gauging out of a corner of the eye at an angle
Futures thus declaring themselves at the discretion of each other
We culminate in this pure language so that
In presence of you we won't even need to flee

Within constant-framed
While tramping on the sandmound
Tell now of its side

" Caught a glimpse at the mound
Even threw in a mountain
Though in palesome moment
Felt as if I had passed out"

Walking on the mountain

A dust spectre wrinkling down the earth-saturating current
Violet-shattered veins darkening (the) hemisphere
Ocular specks whip the caducious leaves up warming towards dawning
At dusk as tracing the curve of chorus moons now earthed
Now white-glowing trails fleeting in
A sediment born to fertilizing a fracturing if not the sky gathering up
Ridging the swelling flowing into sculptural, mouthed-out iciclings
Sparklings of light shivering now patterned, now past to sunlit blackenings
Raining back over to the warming of the misted-up glacier

" How could I free from this one " wind you talk about
Going on halting at each and every breath

Waxing humus skin within age cooled down up
Looking cracks mud-painted into the dark-skinned
Waves dribbled down sagging-out shining hair
Outpouring liquid draughts of imbibing brown-greys

The hollow apex to birth upcry
Slashed along the enlightening of unviolence
Does it not deny nominative fathomability
In... the agony of dying...

This anonymity speaks
Eyes only now coruscating with might, now they look into you
The choking winds precipitate free under
The rumble storming in impatient wait

Staring back in time into this shining I