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Into Me Winter

This song is by Aaaaargh! Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow and appears on the album Official Cover (2000).

An unblending of fluids
Whose each other to asphyxiation flays
In concentric figures it follows
Forthwith for noxious ideation crystallized in a
Heartbeat to circle downward off
Nuclear reduction overshadowed
Like prioritized to a variety of limbs
This barren by transition rapt

The other side is dark
Flowing past orgasmic momentum right
Through obliteration in
Fall aperceptive though how ubiquitous
It is
Dragging along for conformation by no light
Nor utter obscuration
Zero resistance absorption
Of rigor mortis hurled off towards a renewed age of frost
Off... epicurean empirique transient bliss
Out of dichotomy the natural inversion needed for
Hectic turbulence chains
It is
An inertia cold like northern blastwinds
With that post-trauma ever so slow as to
Project any phobia of apocalypse unto some vengeful trinity
All beauty in that disappliance from the paradigm of life
It is dispersal...

Feel as me
Paradox of organic... survivance abstracted within
Freezing omnivorous blows
Together we will uncover the infra-personality
Together we will live resonating with the grandeur
Together we will die before our initial insurgence
Sowed with passion eternal
Beyond chronicity

Feel as me