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This song is by Aaaaargh! Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow and appears on the album The Musical Body (2002).

An assimilate:
Growing the sensing of time into a legitimation of its
Systematics in thematism express integrality in
Novelty, a corruptive to the genom (corrupted)

In conjunction motif a syncope to applicative quotient (freezes)
Externality transposed to interactive voicing, expression of the self-rhythmics

Coincidental truism
Reveals purpose in qualification of tone
And contrariety in return

Material equivalence of voice speaks a timing of contrast
Instance in a topology of times

Temporal figuralism internal activism utters
And through information of occurrence a delay measures, signalling the
Novelty of a narrative over lexical sensicality

As regards lexicology
Thrive compositional semantics of the quantificative

A (frequential) given to closure had conferred superiority

To indice identity, a superstructural argument
To the narrational,
Enumerative of the vectorial collectivity,
Is of the stratum valence the individualistic assessment

Iteration individual as supernality (sensual operativism)

Teleological syncretism
Determines a semantic logic of texture:
Dysfunction of the iteration individual by locality antigen
As it objectivizes a coherence to the semantics
Texture-identity the vector of conscience breaks,
A manifest/transcend of its essence (rhythm)