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​Angelic Chimera

This song is by Aaaaargh! Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow and appears on the album Elliptic White Square (2001).

The equation of the natural eco-system sums up to a question of possession cycles, the art of the species. A consideration for the meta-functional continuity and meta-eugenism resorts to the study of anatomical dichotomy, inversion circular motion deflected to the quantic intra-rhythmic confinements of perceptual events, where in inflection it institutes its own proper rhythm.

For the bipede, handwork implies of detrimental energy an increase so that the world will shrink while sensing. In that it opposes the sensuality of erection, impersonal population rendered into incremental growth. By the abstration of emotional addressing the critical expression has been reached, where, notion uniformized, the planar body - prowling the now unmeasurable universe within but the span of a dream - flies.

Through retrojection the mind will not recognize but re-elaborate the sensual meta-cycle, the concise assimilation of one life experience, the emphasis of dual reflection - over the boundaries of one dream