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​Anamnesis (The Theory Of The Apocalypse)

This song is by Aaaaargh! Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow and appears on the album Elliptic White Square (2001).

Affirming its organicity, the learning body soon becomes the interface between its libidinous activity and the world before to own. An impersonal urge to perceptive diffusion by boolean judgement, contrives, thrives then overgrows its inertial archaism.

The human observer handles a model of sexual componentiation and invariably involves itself in the complex finitude of the isentropic macro-relation, the rhythm it creates. Conservation of the uniform phrase-development by the fundamental dichotomy of elliptic self-structuralism.

The human self-analyst wallows in the aesthetic morbidity they incubate. The auto-erotic application of libido deprived him of his recursive developmental integrity. Where immediacy regresses genital transitivism to the notion of bucco-anal sexualism and impersonal generism