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This song is by Aaaaargh! Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow and appears on the album The Musical Body (2002).

Abiding by a material token of the stratum
Is such a discretion of incidence structure (materiality discretions)

Where the identitary objective envelops
In tonal association
Its own actuality of incidental time
Does a demagogy expropriate as majorant-interpretive of the stratum essence

Through meta-elemental discursivism of essence
A reader reminisces an adjective to the ellipse
Or its voice implement as semiology

While throughout its term, expressing
In a meta-period of vocal duality

Through timing of the identitary deduct
Instantiate of the variable the essential valence (singular theme)
From thematics of the meta-narrative

... Operative metrics measuring...
...Formalizing a reason to stratification

An implementive of the modulation locales
As articulates a semiology without the envelop

Into singular localism : aesthetics
Devolving of a voicing the identitary syncretism in
Teleology metrics of time
Or a reflect of its transitional data
Through the meta-generational coercivity of phrase

Expliciting singularity...

Of the gregarity metricalism:
Disambiguate from length coincidentalism without...
The theme-transitive of the aesthetical coercision (process)