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You Kiss Their Ass And They Shit On You

This song is by A Wilhelm Scream and appears on the album Benefits Of Thinking Out Loud (2001).

Welcome back to our suffering, and constant letdowns in this crowded world called shit
Tell me, sir, is there something that hasn't been done? It's all fucked up politics
Please don't speak because I can't think less of you
You fuck with us and we'll be fucking you soon
We're in line, a number
Just know we've got yours
We keep our collective futures in the hands of assholes and we're not the only ones
This don't seem right? Because it's fucking wrong
They're gonna screw you and the horse you're on
Don't keep those hopes too long
"Don't get me wrong, we love your songs and all you've done
You're breaking ground, you genius, you
You've done it again! And all will praise you." We don't mind, we love to wait and we'll write more shit and we'll play your game
We're in this for the love you know
We'll always be around
After all this time that we've realized that our love is growing stronger
You can't break us now, we're forever bound to what we love to love now

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