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Today's Special

This song is by A Wilhelm Scream.

Reflections surfaced a sense of hope.
I've seen the signs.
When fucking up means something more.
I'll end my time.

I've waited a long time to make it the last time
And it's hard see what I have come to know
When all in all I know nothing's for sure
I blame myself for what is lost.
I've seen the signs
When all I have is all I've got.
I'll end my time.

I've waited a long time,
And now it's the last time I see myself through all my condescending pride.
I've seen it all and all I choose to hide.
I see the world's forgotten all of my failures.
(I'll bet it all on a word)

I see I'm on the rise... I've finally found a place where I feel right I've seen the world and now I understand I can't rely on everything to be what I want for me.

I've seen the world.
It's not what it's worth.
Is it what I want for me?
I know it's worth, so I'll be waiting.

Someday I'll think I have it all.
Until then I'll strive for something more.
When I've seen the signs,
I'll end my time.

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