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It Never Happened

This song is by A Wilhelm Scream.

Remember last summer, when you dragged me to the beach?
You got sand in your bellybutton, danced in the street
Me the stallion, you the betty femme fatal
I was tence under your fingertips, my knees couldn't bend
The nervous joy of unfamiliar lips,
I held myself together holding on your hips, yeah.
And if the world stood still, I swear to god I couldn't tell.

That was the summer
We didn't waste our lives
That was the summer
I thought that you were mine.

It's obvious you've forgotten those times
Or maybe they never...

System crash, get a camera quick
I've been caught with a smile and now I'm stuck with it
Now there's a film roll of proof that I was never alone.

Let me sleep when you go,
So the tears on your cheeks won't fuck up my judgement
And how am I supposed to live?
And how am I supposed to live?
And how am I supposed to wait for,
A love time took away when in my mind I still tell lies
Because It Never Happened.

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