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​We Never Shook On It

This song is by A Well Thought Tragedy and appears on the album The Persona (2007).

Why can't you just be here now? You had better plans, I guess
To blaze your little path of least resistance
I hope you've found what you were searching for
I hope it was worth it
I have become a martyr, preaching to the recently deceased
I choose to exist in fear because I believe its greater to live a nightmare than not at all
Free will is what makes this real
Life is not just a script
I'd rather feel the sand get kicked into my face
I'd rather have my heart broken into a thousand shards
Just to experience
Just to emote
Is this the only way? Is this all? You're not fixing anything
I can never prove if there really is such a place as hell
But I know where ever you are now isn't any more opportune than here
Can't you see that when you are gone there is no turning back? There are no second chances when you're underground
You are only absconding the few beings here that love you
Death is just punishment to those who live
Because we're the ones who have to mourn you
We're all brought here for a reason
I think that's the deal
But we never shook on it
So you took the easy way out