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​Martial Law On Pangea

This song is by A Well Thought Tragedy and appears on the album The Persona (2007).

This life is strung to an abacus
Without balance we will surely fail
On the giant island everything is miracle or massacre
There is no grey area for us to occupy
And I am finished waiting for it
All this life I am searching for a balance
I am searching for my one purpose down here
I may not find it
I may just split apart into pieces never to reconnect again
I have become this pendulum, swinging back and forth
I can't decide what to believe
I can't see
I can't breathe
This is the end
This is what I've waited for so long to witness
Here they come with tanks and rifles to take me away
I have found the stolen city walls that separate us from our dirty flaws
For this I am laid to rest
There are somethings we were not intended to know
But I had to keep searching
It was my purpose
It was my fate