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This song is by A Vacant Affair.

So take your time to figure out
I know that things will see that change
To set our differences apart

And if the voices speak the pain
Then would it bring a better day
Then I would say to you come home

I saw you leave, you changed your mind
Now this won't be, our last goodbye
I never wanted this to be
And I'm still waiting

We'll paint a dream of better days
Things were too much for you to take
Let's make it real to live it somehow

And no matter what it takes
Anytime or any given day
I don't think I'll ever live without (you)

You came to me, with open arms
Now this won't be, the same anymore
I cannot imagine, what it'll be
Without you there

Do you think it is worth fighting for
To know that there is so much more to this
And I'll wait 'cause I know that you love me
And I'll wait 'cause I know I'm sure

The highest skies, the deepest grounds
(I see it, I believe it's coming now)
And if we fall, we'll come around
(I know it made us stronger, wouldn't have done it without you)
And what we trust, it isn't all
(Beyond the sun I can't see, but I will take you there)

The highest skies, the deepest grounds