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​The First To Dance

This song is by A Trunk Full Of Dead Bodies and appears on the album My Smile, Her Corpse (2003).

Swill, Swill... Drinking you away.

Cover me up in the wake of this passed year.

Complaing when there's too much ice, the watered down will soon sufice.

It seems to be your the only one who mistreats me.

Taking back the 8% you constantly drill in my head.

Swill, Swill... Drinking You Away

Itsbeen passed along. The traits that I have fallen on.

Slice my face and peel it back to reveal the self control I lack

The majority have washed their filthy hands of me.

Bag me up and tie me down onto this brick is where I drown.

The alcohol will solve it all...

Concentrate on anything but you my friend.

The time I spent was such a waste. Locked me in for 30 days.

Came out worse than I went in. it got a hold of me again.

It's getting closer to the end. we've all been passed out on the floor can't keep our eyes open no more.

Sit back RElax, crack the bottle and laugh.

Turn up the radio. I'll be the first to dance.