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​Take The Train

This song is by A Trunk Full Of Dead Bodies and appears on the album My Smile, Her Corpse (2003).

The only thing to see you gone is suicide and alcohol
The more I'm drinking you away the longer you seem to stay
Answer these questions with a shot
Answer these questions with a bottle
I'm waiting
I can't seem to make you disappear
Long nights, drunk fights and you're still here and I'm still waiting
Hold you breath until I say when
I'll write down all the rules while you stay blindfolded
So far saying this would be too much
I can't believe that you're alive
I can't believe that I was waiting for you
What's left to say?
I agreed with the points you were trying to make
What's left to do?
No you're getting your sleep
Six feet deep from the secrets you tried to keep
What's left to do?
The world is full of imperfections
I think that you need more the one correction
I'll drag you by the arm, down the hall, to the room where I'll leave you gagged under the bed so I can keep and eye on you
I guess this means it's over
I hear your crying through the tape
Blood rolls down your face and your eyes are saying goodbye
I guess I'm saying mine