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Oh Love

This song is by A Thousand Times No.

1, 2,
1, 2, 3, 4
Love, oh love
On you I have depended

Love oh love
Dependency is splendid

Sometimes you call clingy
But sometimes you make me singy
You're the wind beneath my wingy
Oh you are my love supreme

I wrote this song about you
If you like, you can write one 4me2

I hope you like it a lot
'Cause really it's all I got
That and all the cool stuff that I bought for me
But you're still my love

You are my one and only
Now ride me like I was your pony

You'd feed me oats and brush my mane
Saddle me up and give me a name
Like Hot to Trot or Candycane
Or Harbinger of Pain

I bought you an Iguana
Name it after me if you wanna

Don't scare it or it's tail will fall off
Make sure you give it lots of love
You can feed it mice 'n' stuff
My love supreme

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