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As All Eyes Squint In Perplexed Mendacity

This song is by A Thousand Times No.

Moving beyond the darkest of days,
Daily growing never changing my ways.
Something exists preying on my insides.
Sometimes it defeats me no matter how hard I try.

Solid bonds turn aqueous,
I become evasive.
Steady grounds erode,
And I can't find a trace of...
Grasping for alternatives,
When it looks as though my options are spent...
Living day to day 2 months away seems so unreal.

Quiet and cold as the days fly by.
I wince as I wonder how long until I die.
Life seems like the cruelest of jokes,
I get through it
No booze, no smoke, no dope.

I've found peace,
In times of conflict.
I've learned a million times,
To trust my instincts.
Confusion and rage.
I'd never hurt a fly.
Fist encrusted with glass.
Ignore the pain or cry.