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99 With An Anchor

This song is by A Thorn For Every Heart and appears on the album Things Aren't So Beautiful Now (2004).

I can see the pressures on you,
It's affecting everything you do.
You want out, you want out.

Did you know it tears me in two,
To obsess on everything you lose?
You want out, you want out.

And I'll keep you waiting,
Where this life is so unfair.
You want out, you want out.

Let my fingers around your neck,
Until the shadows are dancing around you now,
Fingers only to track you down.
Waiting for someone to pull you across the rain.

Did this wait for me [x2]
Chasing off your wicked suffering,
Maybe freeing you.

I'll be to far away from you,
To wonder how you sing (anything you want.)

Everytime I think of you, (Eyes are open)
Eyes are open now. (All the things we've had to do.)
Eyes are open, eyes are open.

Did this wait for me [x2]
(I'll let you walk away, right now, right now)
Chasing off your wicked suffering
Maybe freeing you

We all have, we all have someone...
You wanted, you wanted more...


Everyday, you cry over me
You said to me, that you can't be left alone
Everything that has come to mind
Will you help you find words... (it's the last time I told you)

Everything you want is over now.

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