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The Surgeons At Dawn

This song is by A Textbook Tragedy and appears on the album A Partial Dialogue Between Ghost and Priest (2005).

As we walk farther into this dark chasm
We begin to see the shadows waver just slightly
Like the unassuming players in an elabotate scheme
To dethrone the king and spill the blood of his allies
And as the water drains slowly into our boots
We can only assume that there will be a light at the end of this tunnel
But there is no need to fear because our fate is set in stone
And the air smells of death now
But we are comforted by the sound of our own black hearts beating in our chests
And the familiar itch of our skin
End my life
She screamed
I want to die now
(Pretend that this never happened I will lift you from this foul soil)

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