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Dude, I'm On Alesse

This song is by A Textbook Tragedy and appears on the album Intimidator (2008).

Oh yeah, we've got this city in a choke-hold so clear a path
Oh yeah, we're downing shots like there's no tomorrow, and there's no turning back.
Caution, it's overrated, and here's to hoping that we'll make it through the night.Oh god! I think I'm floating, but I can still hear my footsteps echo through the hallways. Am I unstable? Now cue the part where everything goes so wrong. I've got nothing but time to kill.Time to just let it all go. Hold on this is bound to wear off soon. No sudden moves, or I'll be forced to tie you down. I'll break the news to everyone, you were a lost cause.Hold on. Is that the biggest set of knives that you have ever seen? Oh god the walls are caving in on me (the walls are caving in). There is, there is no doubt about it now.You, you're on your own. You're on your own.

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