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I Love GNF

This song is by A Talking Fish.

And-a one, and-a two, and a one, two, three, four
Oh, um, oh
There we go

I love GNF
I love opening acts

I love GNF
He's just so awesome
He posts lots and lots
And that's why we love him
He got banned twice yesterday
We all laughed, but that's OK
Now let's shut up so we can hear what GNF has to say


I love opening acts
They contribute oh-so much
I wish there were a million more
So we could all go out to lunch
We would eat our faces off
And talk about what bands we like
And talk about what bands we like
And talk and talk all day and night

I don't think the song request page works anymore
(Harmonix doesn't care about bass players do they?)
I made a semi-official list of songs that start with the letter A-uh
(I think they should add a trumpet peripheral)
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