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This Is A Crimescene

This song is by A Sunset Diary.

Catching stars right from the sky
These were the nights
Far away and so alive
When I met you at the seaside

I can't let go
Any single second no
All the photographs I took
And those pictures in my book
That she drew at the time when
She was still mine
When we were still fine

Tonight I'll drink for you guys
Like we did in the car so many times till sunrise
I never thought that I could
Miss a place so much
If there was a chance to come back right now
You know I would

I stayed home for too long
There's no way for us to talk
So I sing it in a song
My heart aches and time fades
I'm still a world away
But you guys are with me

...Her silhouette
Watches me from the stars
And I'm kissing you goodnight
Those kisses fly so far

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