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Never Forgotten Summer

This song is by A Sunset Diary.

Oh we spend the days in the sky
Sit by the river all night
Staying home is not an option
This is our time
We hit the streets like the tide
Staying home is not an option

I got all prettied up
I'm on my way to come get you
Staying home is not an option
The butterflies inside me got me feeling all shakey
Staying home is not an option

Oh we can't wait
To drive along the sunset
With the steering wheel in one
And a drink in the other hand
Just me and you
We drive along the sunset
Me in your arms
And listening to our favorite band
When its just us you can whisper to me softly
That gleam in your eyes
No I don't want this night to end

I know that things will be all right someday
And I'll remember this time
I pinky promise that its just me and you forever

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