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Inflaming Senses Continually Past Five

This song is by A Still Small Voice.

Finding a frequent, filling, flow of continual change as in autumn's abundance of graceful orange, drastically exchanging deliberate purple will now develop one's own entity, creating a previously unknown gaze from the severed world through tangent, still stares. With words contemplating their minute life span, importance develops into becoming a much needed virtue to the guide of understandings tuning in from shorelines such as the Mediterranean. Abstract combines it self with logical explanations to viewpoints pertaining a fresh spring's limitless expression of growing beauty. Love does continue to dwell in roots only observed through dimensions far beyond every clear and solitude moment, suspended in a time frame that
Can only be put to a standstill by grips clasped around self. And it's always the glaring gold of sunrises only existing in hearts pumping to the second of a humming bird's gleam that extend any possible bound put to heaven's clench.