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This song is by A Static Lullaby and appears on the album Rattlesnake! (2008).

God damn, holy diver. You made it right back to my bed. Manifested lips that whisper kiss.
That whisper kiss. Hey, hey, hey. Pull the shades. I'm gutted. Guilty, played. And lonely.
I admit you won't see me again. My end is desperately engaged. Dark, departed, hollow.
You see I'm just a shadow. This ravenous beast is chasing shame. A shadow he remains.
How will my voice carry tonight? How do I look under these lights? Shove my head into the grand ivory keys.
Maybe this will teach me how to sing. Fuck hope, I'm a terror. Heavyweight human disaster.
I think I found Love. but what's love? When we can't be loved? Burn, burn, burn it down.
Icarus just hit the ground. To the youth that thought they could fly. I bottled up just drank up and died.
Palest white. I'm blues and reds. This patriot is long past dead. Forever ending. Remain but still gone.
Oh god I fear the steel. Oh how I fear the steel. Burn. My end is desperately engaged.

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