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In Neci Renascor Integer

This song is by A Star Called Wormwood.

And her eyes are open now
She claims to see the light
She wants to change the world
And try to make things right

And I was just so proud
To know that she'd arrived
That I didn't even see
There were scales over her eyes
And she began to speak
With words from my own lips
Except they'd all been changed around
She'd lost the emphasis

And my heart is broken now
She claims to see the light
She's willing to swallow the loss
And nail me to the cross

And I'll strike up a pose
Crucifiction style
You'll kneel before the left over meat
And just pretend
It's the only thing you have to remember me
And how could I have known
If I let you get close enough
And told you the truth
You'd tear me apart?

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