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Brad Pitt (Two Four Letter Words I Don't Mind)

This song is by A Stained Glass Romance and appears on the album The Romance Revival (2006) and on the album It's Not A Party Without Us (2008).

She feels incredible but she smells intoxicated
Her glassy eyes say she needs another drink
She's been choking on cigarette smoke all night
Her story is brilliant

Her father left when she was a small child
Her new father only stayed awhile
Her makeup is running down her face
She says it's because the room is so smokey

I know its because she wished she had a mother
Well she had a mother would rather kill herself slowly
She doesn't know her daughter is dying from being lonely
Her bright eyes were saved by a dying grandmother

She empties another glass
I know that she is simply trying to let the pain pass
So she says... are you ready for more?

She feels incredible
She smells intoxicating
Now she's feelin' loose
She feels incredible
She smells intoxicating

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