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Tell Me

This song is by A Spell Inside and appears on the album Visions From The Inside (1995) and on the album Stories from the Inside (2000).

Reach your shore - I'm a captive of your lies
But your strings seem playing fake to me, my darling
Every night you're bringing murder, bringing lies
And those times seem to hard to be, my darling

Tell me why we have forgotten that our grass
Is green - remember people were free
All the air we are polluting that our forests
Breathe - the world too fast to agree
We were misguided by more lies and by more
Tell me why we have forgotten that our air is free
That means a torture to me

Money counts, much stronger than compassion
Technical progress, but our feelings leave, my darling
Every damage burns - our thoughts are still on fire
Every lack of sense will freeze, could freeze my darling

Beware the golden seasons - the days of comprehension
A fall without an ending, steady, so steady
Plant a thought in blossom - believe the fortune-tellers
There is a place of freedom, steady, so steady

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