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This song is by A Spell Inside and appears on the album Visions From The Inside (1995) and on the album Stories from the Inside (2000).

In the night they are steady
The moon touches the heaven
You see only the stars
The raid begins at their hearts and
Reaches all body - deliverance of souls

Down in the night - creeping soldiers
Who wanna break wills - never again
We reveal them our souls - deep in the bodies
Watch the signs in the east

Hoping, waiting - taste my pain
Pumping, searching - full of shame

Hoping, waiting, burn all boundary
Searching, dreaming, catch the enemy
Hoping, crying, burn all boundary
Struggling for new hope - democracy

In the night you are steady to leave
Only heaven above lightens the trace
Follow the lines - which way to go?

Burn the enemy...

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