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​Falling Down

This song is by A Single Broken Wish.

Stood by for years
I will not count the days
Constraint has cast its toll
But I will know the truth
Even if it kills me
This time its real
Enough that I can taste it
No longer pulling punches
I've seen the truth
Standing by
I watched as I fell from my hands
I watched the fall
I watched him fall
I can no longer be him
I cannot that man
He has already died
This time its ours
This time its real
There's no turning back
Until there's nothing left
But never
If I bled before your feet would you heal my wounds
If I died in your arms would hear my dying breath
If I gave my life for you would you then love me
As I love this world
For what's at stake
Or lose everything
See beauty
For what it is
What it does
Condemn the world around you
Push away those that are left to care
And live
Dry as a bone
Hold me close I cannot see you
When you're not near me
I shudder at the thought of this world
Caving in around you
Don't take for granted
Wishes set aside
Every planted seed
Will grow above your head
But you will move on as open arms rust
You will move on as open arms fade from the world
You will move
And I will wait
Till you
See what
You have
I will always wait