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This song is by A Single Broken Wish.

Sing songs of angels
They said
Tell the world
It has something to live for
Sickened birds
Fell from the sky
Caught flight in flames
Towards a blinding sun
This night
This night
This night
I stand silent .arms flailed
Shredded wings spun out from the sky
You can't soar on patched wings
But you'll still bleed
(Of broken dreams.) last chance to dance
Where's your war
I think I've seen it pass you by
Spread your wings and fly
Soar through the heavens
Watch them fall
Fallen from the heavens I watched you soar
Perfection is all I knew that day
The sky caught fire the day you truly lived
Now I know your real name
I've never seen perfection since that day
I've never known beauty in such a way
Borrowed treasured from the sky are the hardest to return