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This song is by A Rose By Any Other Name and appears on the album One For My Master And One For My Dame (2010).

Sing while you still can
And dance every chance
Even if your legs hurt you straight to the bone
I promise you'll thank me someday
For everyone fades
Or they burn out anyway
Time is something I don't understand
(I) Promise you won't look away

Love hard and long
Yeah it give it all away
For someday when you're standing all alone
You'll realize you couldn't be saved
Good fathers pass away
And good mothers will too someday
The problem is it's entirely too late
To realize we had more to say

I'm sorry little girl
You are way too late
In a world that dreams no more
I'm so sorry little girl
No one fights for what's right any more
No one dances or sings anymore
And everyone's wrong when they say it's ok
Oh, I'm so sorry little girl

No one stands alone anymore
Everyone there is to be adored
In a world that's build out of sand
Oh I'm so sorry little girl

And time it will be the death

Someday they'll see the distance is growing from the earth to my feet
Someday we'll see, yeah, distance is growing from the earth to my feet

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