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​The Second Grain Of Salt

This song is by A Petal Fallen.

(It's a continuation to grain of salt from poison the well kinda look at thoose lyrics then look at these)
(Little boy like in grain of salt by poison the well) I've finally learned how this feels I'm not the only one who wakes up every morning wishing I was someone else

And as these days pass by
We continue our useless attempts at love
We should have lived in the past
I am only silver not bronze or gold defective for loving
This heart with bullet holes now belongs to me
Is slowly wilting
Along with these dreams they become nothing but air
And though we thought the exit was clearer it only became blurred
I am eating myself
This solitude is not solidary
Riddled with shards I am
My second wish wil live
My request wont be so great
My second wish will live
As I drown in denial
I awake
It wont be too complicated
Twice now I've been spat upon
Taken with the second grain of salt
My life is not taken
Never my second wish will live