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Worlds Are Breaking Down

This song is by A New January and appears on the album Cold And Naked (2003).

Slipping mental capacity
Everyone's trying to claim from me
This battle's rough inside my veins
Why can't they just leave it all the same?
All the reasons and the shame
Lies and sins without the blame
Emaciated worn and jaded
Blackened leather soft, I can't feel the pain

Maybe I should spell it out for you...
You make me
You shape me
Degrade me
Worlds are breaking down

Words so iced and cold flow from me
Not the way I planned to be
Everything's collapsed
No eternal clean
Can't ever hold back
I just want to scream
Breathing in everything

Fading hopes apart of me
Drift and float through oceans dreams
Emancipation everyday
Why can't we just leave it all the same?
All the reasons the all the shame
Fabricate and point the blame
White and jaded, it's warm and wasted
Nothing makes them stop and I feel the pain

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