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Partially Unbroken

This song is by A New January and appears on the EP After Clothes (1998).

Consider benediction pruned
Then picture yourself ruined
Before the fall, after the rise
This tingling, shaping, curving spine
Tries to hide, tries to be
Everything's reminding me
Of love and dreams, so I regress
Six thousand times more than the rest

Untouched... and partially unbroken
So hard and so unspoken
And mentally irresistible
She'd only improve with time
(Why try?) for a two half-cent warm token
They're the bottom of the bowl, fish
And you'd probably second guess this
But I'm losing it this time

Sewing needle's rusted out
Just try to move your thumbs and mouth
Feel the water, warm and clear
Just watch the bubbles floating near
These are things I can do without
Impartial truth or lack of doubt
She starts to tear, she starts to cry
One single boston summer night

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