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This song is by A New January and appears on the album Cold And Naked (2003).

I'm only sick from over use
Pierced and hung and then reverse
Too paranoid to hold
Thick and red it starts to flow
So hardcore when it's needed
All the layered lies so don't believe it
Be right there when you fold
Give it time they'll let it show

Carbonized and all burnt up
It's only seconds till were done
Your new life's just a light flicker away
When they say
You're so over-needed
Dripping wet
Barely breathing
My mouth can't seem to form the words to say

Give me a match, "light, stick," she said
I'm over-tight and under-spread
This one's much to old
So sick and tired, I feel so cold
Crackhead wants to use me
You should walk away but I've made you stay
Dopester wants to shoot me
'Cause I smoked three times and never paid

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