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The Wisdom of Hindsight

This song is by A New Dawn and appears on the EP The Wisdom of Hindsight (2004) and on the album Falling from Grace (2008).

I heard the voices, heard the screams
I saw the faces in magazines
A lady in black, she turned around
Once you're in you won't come out

Their minds are void of innocence
Perverted smiles and decadence
Forbidden streets are paved with gold
This is where illusions are sold

Do you hear their voices?
Do you hear their screams?
Inside walls of pure gold
There is nothing left to dream

The cradle of deception
Resides inside this place
An angel so defiant
Fallen from grace

The truth had really hurt her
She left alone in doubt
The walls of gold surround her
And there is no way out

As time was proceeding, old wounds started bleeding
Seduction keept waiting, impatiently breeding
The truth in your life is obscured by a lie
That hides in darkness away from the light

Depending, addicted, you could not resist them
You'll dance like a slave to the beat of the system
In wakening hours, when peace is forlorn
Dreams are forgotten, hopes are forgone

Entends-tu les viox?
Les cris autour de toi?
Car entre les murs d'or aveuglant
Tes rêves brûlent comme Iéncens

Do you hear voices?
Can you hear screams?
Inside of these walls
There will be nothing left to dream

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