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This song is by A Minute To Pray A Second To Die and appears on the album Rivercore - Demo (2007).

Far from home!
Far from home there is no safety
I lie awake with wondering eyes
Everyone has failed up to now
I'm so afraid and all alone
But you stood tall, you reached out
All that's left I give to you.
Now I can see the world for miles and miles up here
My heart is full, the void is filled, what a perfect fit
As you hold my hand we will begin this journey
Warning signs appear down this road
I can the battle zones, the war has just begun
Down in the valley we will fight as one,
You have surrounded me you will lead me on
I am not alone in this army
You are mine and you will fight my battles for me
Death destruction will comes of this
I won't give up
Lord, lead me in your righteous ways
My foes they turn there gaze
Can't trust in what they say
There mouths are open graves
It's only the saved, by your matchless grace
Who will survive...
The screams, the battle cries