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Silence The Dreamer

This song is by A Minute Till Midnight.

Skipping hearts on the corner of 5th and vein
Step right, left or off
But don't let it mingle in the middle
Kiss the glass bye and leave the last bit of you on the edge
Let your sight eclipse
Swollow, breathe and repeat

Wipe the salt from your eyes
And that tear from your cheek
Just let it sleep, sleep tonight

Take this one step further
Fall like you have wings
Walk on the clouds
Take just one step more

This is where you calculate the motion of movement
Measuring the angles and a point of impact
Silence only happens to those who don't know how to navigate the night
And only care to impress the pavement
So tap your heels and float on home

And you can't see past the quiet
You weren't prepared for this
Leaving your eyes looking back as you fell from the sky
While you found the meaning of weightless flight
In a swan dive exit

And now you touch the stars
And now you have wings
Everything is calm when you fly


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