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​The Covenant

This song is by A Minor Loss.

All too often we walk away
Without doing things that we think we should do
And saying things that we know we probably should say.
And I won't waste my life away
Doing the things that you think I should do
And trying to please you with every word that I say.

Well I guess it comes with the territory, that I must take
Your hand in mine, you won't see this behavior from me one more time.

I promise that ill walk away
The next time you ask about my feelings ill say
That we are through, this time its for good
And I hope you're as happy as I know that you could
Be with me, if we were to
Work things out, figure out what to do
We'll both walk our separate ways
And ill never look back on our previous days.

The next time you walk away
Ill tell you 'good riddance best of luck to you'
You'll say 'watever I know that you'll be back someday'
I won't say a word to you.
Ill just know for myself that you're very wrong
And that there's nothing that you can possibly do.

2nd chances and 'maybe somedays' just aren't enough for me anymore. so sorry, so long.