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​It's A Deal

This song is by A Minor Loss.

Can we forget about our past
And all the things we did wrong
I know ill think of you
Everything I play this song
Will you think of me
While you're lying all alone
I hope you think of all the things
That you could have called your own

You and I won't see each other anymore
Because hearts change, and rearrange,
I know it's strange to be apart for so long

Now we're lying far apart with the pieces of my broken heart
Wondering why I can't be with you
Reality, it comes to me and I see the way we need to be.
But I can't bear to see the truth.

What about when I was alone
On those cold winter's nights
Do you think I cried myself to sleep?
Well the answer's no and i
Can see how you've come to believe
That I am a major creep.