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Seducer Of Pain Divine

This song is by A Mind Confused and appears on the album Anarchos (1997).

The pain I endure is divine
Escaping the torment of life
And into her dreams

Demon empress, exalted one
Of chaos breed, her soul unbound
She is desire, the lust profane
Enslaved to her, exploring pleasure
...and pain

Burning flames of sin
Sets my passion ablaze
Turmoil rapes my flesh
Bleeding pleasure through pain
Darkest deeds of lust
Thousand flavours of sin
Rapture bliss my soul
All my feelings explode

My soul unbound, beyond all laws
I drink the golden wine of sin
In claws of lust, desire's jaws
I crave the darkness deep within

She drains my life, to end my pain
She grants me immortality
Reborn in sin, the old she slain
We rule throughout infinity

Seducer of pain divine

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