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​Out Of Chaos Spawn

This song is by A Mind Confused and appears on the album Anarchos (1997).

Cursed be your holy god, blessed be the life of sin
Cursed be your holy Christ, blessed be the beast within

I will not kneel to Christ my life I yield to sin
No laws of god shall chain my burning soul within
I dwell in darkness on the path to seven gates
Beyond this world of flesh the darkened realm awaits
I seek the beast within my soul of scornful shades

Let the raging twilight burn within
Paint the sky with the colour of your sin

Taste the fruit of sin, denied by god
Taste the fruit of our lust, denied by Christ
Out of chaos spawn, we will never die
We are the serpent's children, born to rule the sky

God, oppressor of our sins
Your heaven's kingdom we will burn
Christ, feeble son of god
Your sacrifice won't cleanse our souls