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Forever Autumn

This song is by A Mind Confused and appears on the demo Poems of a Darker Soul (1995).

Forever autumn, within me, the dawn will come

And my tired eyes can see that autumn will grow
For now falling forever is the sun that once shone
Perpetually ablaze is the twilight within me
And rising is the eclipse that marks my departure
My soul has been caressed by the feathered wings of death

The flowers wither with the red-clouded sky
And their thorns drain me of my crimson wine
For the trees of my forest stand proud but naked
And the frost-painted leaves are covering the landscapes
The funeral of ages I've dreamed of is here at last
And nocturnal voices sing a requiem of sadness
And my tired eyes can see that autumn grows

Bleeding infernal

The sky is dancing for one last time
Salvation arrives in the form of cremation
Like dust I'm blown away towards infinity
And spread through the aeons by the winds of time

Forever autumn, within me, the dawn has come

Guide me to the lands of eternal night
To the fields where black roses still bloom
Where Luna kisses me with her glorious shine
And opens her arms for my desire

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