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Consecration Of Death

This song is by A Mind Confused and appears on the album Anarchos (1997).

Silence, ever so loud
Emptiness, of beauty is proud
Gods, are hungry and pale
Worms, feed from the wounds

Ghosts, walk the ebon earth
Ruins, of eden remains
The Moon, hunts the sun that hides
Elysia, is found in Hades

If I quote death will you name it passion?

And to taste blasphemy beyond the realm of man
And to curse in rapture for every spoken prayer
No stars shine to portrait the lost sky of time
Oblivion comes smashing with its razor teeth

If I quote death will you name it freedom?

I vision war, I vision death
I vision famine, I vision plague
All of this, I offer you
Fill your veins with death

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