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This song is by A Mind Confused and appears on the album Anarchos (1997).

Spirits, dressed in Autumn skies
Are dancing, to a withering Serenade
Solemn... Sanguine...

Funera, your Semen is growing
Plague, the Paragon destruction
Suffering... Arrives...

Written, poetry drawn in Blood
Alas, they still pray
Blood... Poem...

Like the Maiden ghost of Night
Seeks the Phantom of her sins
Mars sets towards wrath
And pours Chaos from his path

"Deathgod hear my cries
Thou who art of vengeance
Grant a thorn for every tear
And turn the oceans red"

And the flames devour heavens
Scattered like a thousand broken

The time retreats to annu dazumal
Leaving the essence of a cemetery

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